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Abbey the Cairn Terrier and the New Canon 5d MK II – CT Pet Photography

Last night I picked up my new Canon 5D Mark II full-frame dSLR….first, I must say, I’ve waited so long to get this camera, and boy was it worth the wait!  This camera is a wee-bit heavier than my 20D and the LCD screen is HUGE compared to the old one.  I can actually see the image!  I have yet to try the HD video…I think I need to sit down and go through the manual first.  I will have to say, I’m not sure I’m liking the location of the “trash” button on the 5D.  On the 20D it is located under the LCD screen…the 5D has the trash button where the “photo review” button is.  I’ve almost wiped out my images at least three times so far.  Anyway, here are some of the first images shot with it.  Abbey the Cairn Terrier…isn’t she cute?!