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Vinny & Maddy – CT Pet Photography

Last Thursday John and I had the greatest time photographing Vinny and Maddy, two of the most awesome Rotties I’ve ever met!  These two dogs were goof-balls…they were so full of character and spunk!!  We had a blast with them!!!  It started as soon as their mom opened the door to the back yard and Maddy (a.k.a. the Mexican Jumping Bean, Superwoman, etc) flew off the deck like a superhero on a mission…and Big-Boy Vinny followed right behind her!  I knew we were in for a wild ride with these two!  Needless to say, we were covered in dirt and grass…and lots of doggy slobber.  But it’s all part of the job.  And we LOVE it!  Thanks Vinny and Maddy!!!!  Thank your momma for us too!