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Dezi, Lucy, and Amber – Connecticut Pet Photography

This was a VERY exciting session for us, since we have never photographed an Alaskan Malamute before!  Well — that is, not a purebred Malamute!  Our dog Jamie is part Alaskan Malamute and part Border Collie (with a few little extra breeds mixed-in here and there!)  So, needless to say, it was such a treat to meet these THREE Malamutes, Dezi, Lucy and Amber!!

Dezi weighs-in at a whopping 120lbs, and Lucy around 95.  They are brother and sister from the same litter of pups.  When their mom first opened the door to let them out, all I saw was a HUGE white fluff-ball barreling towards me — my first thought was OMG!  HE’S GIGANTIC!  Next was, OMG — his face is precious!!!  Next came Lucy.  Not as gigantic as Dezi, but BIG nonetheless!!!  These two greeted us as if they were ready to get the party started!  So, we did!!!  And what a party!  We had a blast!

MUTTography IMG_4107

lucy web

Dezi web postThen, just as we were about to pack up, we asked if Amber could come out for a few photos — Amber wasn’t originally scheduled to have her photos done, since she is a little scared around new people, and because she’s a little older and more frail than the other two, her mom thought it would be best not to subject her to all the activity.  Well — she came out surprised all of us!  She was not shy at all, AND she was bouncing around like a young pup!!  She was ready to PLAY!  I am so glad we were able to capture a few of Amber — she is, after all, 12 years old!!!  Can you believe it?  Look at her happy face!!

MUTTography IMG_4279 (2)MUTTography IMG_4301

And, finally, one of all three….

MUTTography IMG_4153

Gidget – Connecticut Pet Photography

We first met Gidget at the Help Willy’s Friends Per Fair, this past Spring and I instantly fell in LOVE with her!  If she was a human, she’d probably be one of those “cool kids” who you always have tons of fun with — you know, the ones who crack you up…ALL THE TIME!  That’s how she was at our photo session.  We had SO much fun with her, and of course with her mom and dad too!  By the end of our session, we were BEAT! Gidget really wore us out…I think we slept for three days straight after that!!!  Haha!!   Funny thing is, we got a text from Gidget’s mom, not even 10 minutes after they all left the park — Gidget wore herself out too, and passed-out in the back seat of her mom and dad’s car on the way home!!!  We love when that happens!!:)

Here are just a few of our favorites….isn’t she just adorable??!!MUTTography Gidget IMG_3129 (1)

MUTTography Gidget IMG_3285

MUTTography Gidget IMG_3190

MUTTography Gidget IMG_2740 (1)

MUTTography Gidget IMG_3396MUTTography Gidget IMG_3470

MUTTography Gidget IMG_3252

July 11, 2014 - 4:29 pm

Marcy Gagliardi - This is my four-legged grandchild!! She is definitely a sweetie <3

Coco’s 3rd Birthday! – Connecticut Pet Photography

It is always fun to get an inquiry from a client that says, “I want to bring a birthday cake, and party stuff to our photography session!  And she will be wearing her necklace!”   The visions that ran through my mind were…OMG, I can’t WAIT for this session!  How fun!!!

We met Coco and her family down at Savin Rock in West Haven, on a warm beautiful evening!  She was as adorable as I had imagined, but surprisingly — smaller than I had thought!  She was just a tiny little girl!  We all hit it off right away, and Coco had a blast!!!  Here a just a few images of her special 3rd Birthday at the park…

MUTTography Coco IMG_4546

MUTTography IMG_5124 (1)

MUTTography Coco IMG_4737MUTTography Coco IMG_4828

Our Doggy Database – Connecticut Pet Photography

Hey friends!!!  We are constantly looking for really unique and special dogs to add to our “Database of Doggies”.  If you think your dog has what is takes to be a MUTTography Model,  please contact us to be considered for an upcoming photo-shoot!  If your dog is chosen to be a MUTTography Model, we will schedule your complimentary 20 minute photo-shoot, and “gift” you with a printed 8 x10 image and a Facebook cover-photo to share with (or show off to…haha) all of your friends!!

*Must be in New Haven or the surrounding towns, or be able to travel to New Haven to be considered.

Go to our Contact Page (up in the menu bar), and submit your information today!Peter


Abbey in the Fall

Meet Mickey! – Connecticut Pet Photography

It was a chilly day – not quite Winter, but not quite Spring….it was a somewhere in-between, but that didn’t stop Mickey from wanting to explore the park and “pose” for a few photos for us.  Mickey is a sweet little girl, who – by some sad misfortune – found herself motherless, and “for sale” at 4 weeks old.  Some kind-hearted person “bought” her – just to save her from more misfortune - and surrendered her to the AWESOME folks at Karuna Bully Rescue, where she was nursed into a beautiful, and healthy puppy!  She is now ready to find her forever-home.  If you, or someone you know, would like to adopt or even FOSTER Mickey, please contact  She is such a wonderful pup, and she deserves a loving home.

2014 MUTTography IMG_0030 (1)2014 MUTTography IMG_0040 (1)2014 MUTTography IMG_0062 (1)2014 MUTTography IMG_0088 (1)

How can you resist this face?

How can you resist this face?

M o r e   i n f o
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r