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Why Choose Us?

Why choose MUTTography?

Because, we know pets!!! We are passionate about pets, and photograph ONLY pets!

Well, okay, sometimes we throw an occasional human or two into the shot. But unlike some photographers who shoot everything under the sun, we concentrate on pets, and their unique and wonderful bond with humans.

We strive to provide you with a modern and fun approach to traditional portrait photography. Our photography style is relaxed and informal, with a touch of classic portraiture. We shoot on-location, using natural light which captures your pet “naturally”…the way YOU see them.

What can you expect from MUTTography?

You can expect us to be friendly, professional, knowledgable, gentle, and sometimes (well, most of the time) really goofy around your pet(s)! We will begin the session with a “meet-and-greet” of you and your pet(s).  Sometimes this can last as few as 10 minutes, and sometimes it can last more. The main thing is, we don’t begin photographing your pet until he/she is ready for the camera…no sooner!

What happens after the session?

The magic happens! That’s where we go back to MUTTography Headquarters and review all of the images from the session and, in about 10 days, we upload the images to your very own, private, online gallery where you can choose the images you’d like to have printed.  See our Session Info to learn about our packages!