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Robyn & John

We are Robyn and John Lisone, a Connecticut-based husband and wife team of crazy pet-loving photographers!  Our mission is to capture your pet’s personality in quality fine-art images that you will cherish for a lifetime!

We have four fur-covered children of our own — Jamie, Peter, Guinness, and Bailey.  You may see them pop up on the blog every now and again!!!  We absolutely LOVE what we do, and we hope it shows!!

So give us a shout on our contact page. We’d love to meet you and your fur-babies!!!!

We service pets and their families all over Connecticut!

Just some random facts about us…….


  • I am addicted to ice cream
  • I used to be a drummer in a rock-band 🙂
  • I went to school for recording engineering, but decided it was a “guys world”
  • I am Reiki certified, and hope to incorporate Reiki into our pet photography business, as a way to relax and channel healing energy to our animal friends 🙂
  • I got my real estate license and worked as a Realtor for 6 months, but decided I had more fun designing my real-estate business cards than I did actually selling houses!
  • I HATE the humidity (it makes my hair frizz)
  • I am a pescatarian (mostly vegetarian)
  • I never had a dog before we adopted our dog Jamie – I never really knew what all the fuss was about dogs.  Now, I am an obsessed crazy dog-lady

John: (I’ll list his random facts, since I’m the blogger in this relationship!)

  • He may seem like just a regular macho dude, but he’s a big-ol’ softy at heart
  • He can fix just about anything!
  • He has some strange taste in music 🙂
  • He wrote a song for our dog Peter, and sings it to him when it rains
  • He’s originally from New York, but moved to Connecticut because he loves me…haha!
  • He puts up with all my crazy ideas, and sometimes has some crazy ideas of his own!
  • He’s just the coolest guy I know!


  • We try to volunteer at animal shelters and santuaries whenever we go on vacation
  • We LOVE Arizona, and hope to retire in Sedona, eventually
  • We love nature, hiking, exploring, and just being outdoors, and absolutely LOVE doing our landscape photography
  • We put my mom to work at all of our events.  She is the “unofficial” third member of MUTTography 🙂

Well, that’s about it for us….how about you???  We’d love to meet you and your pets 🙂


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