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Yellowstone National Park – America’s First National Park

Ahhh…Yellowstone. One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit, but never thought I’d actually see. The Land of Geysers, and Grizzlies…Bison and Bears. What a remarkable place! We stayed alongside the Yellowstone River in Gardiner, Montana in a wonderful little cabin, which was chock full of everything we could ever possibly need. The cabin was just 5 miles from the North Entrance of Yellowstone, so it was the perfect base camp for us.  We were even able to drive as far down as the Tetons (it was a loooooong drive…but do-able.)  I think everyone should visit Yellowstone at least once in their life!  The place is incredible, and so unlike any place I’ve ever been!

If you do get to go to Yellowstone at some point in your life…please don’t let your children crap the place up!!!  I saw so many parents letting their children run a muck!!!!  I saw one kid scrapping the bottom of the Grand Prismatic Pool with his walking stick, and others walking in places clearly marked “DO NOT WALK”….and whatever you do, DON’T throw stuff into the pools or springs!!!!  Your penny is not going to give you any luck, so don’t even think about it!!!

Anywhooo…Please be sure to check out the photos from our trip (click on the picture below 🙂 Thanks for looking!!!!